This week’s subject is:  ‘What would you do if you found £50 on the ground?’

Ha ha, this is a good one, and I have a few true (yes, all true) stories to tell that will let you know:

1.  Back in 1984 when Leon was a toddler, I was dismayed to discover one Saturday morning that after all the bills were paid I had just 50 pence left in my purse to last me the whole week.  With a sigh I opened the kitchen door to peg out the washing, and was astounded to see that many old type pound notes had fallen onto the grass.  I think they totalled about £50, which was a fortune for me then.

I looked up to check whether a benign presence was smiling at me from above (nope), and quickly picked up the notes before the wind could blow them away.  I saved half for Sam, who was at work, and put the rest in my purse.  We lived in a rather ‘dodgy’ area of South West London, and I knew that whoever the owner was of the first house I knocked on, they would claim the money was theirs.

But hey, my need was greater.  I put Leon in his pushchair and headed straight for the market.  I bought him new clothes and shoes, and the three of us a slap-up roast dinner.

When Sam came home I gave him his share.  He scrutinised the notes and then came those words I didn’t want to hear:

“All the serial numbers are the same!”

I was so intent on my spending spree I hadn’t even realised I’d been buying stuff with counterfeit money!  Sam cut up his share, and I thanked my lucky stars I hadn’t been arrested.


2.  We took my 90 year old mum and her 95 year old friend out to the seaside for the day.  They toddled along with their walkers, chatting and stopping at souvenir shops, and we schlepped along behind to catch the fall-out that we knew would come.  One left a purse at the counter, and the other one forgot her bag altogether.  Poor old gals,  they would have been at the mercy of any thief on the make if we hadn’t been there to give them back their possessions!


3.  We were the first ones into a car park on the Isle of Wight one morning about 5 years’ ago.  We parked the car and I opened the door to find a bundle of £5 notes on the ground.  Not a soul was about.  Later on, it was just enough to buy a huge aerial picture of the Isle of Wight festival from my favourite print shop in Ryde , which still hangs on our wall today.


So you see, it depends on whether I know to whom the money belongs.  If I do not know, then it’s finders keepers mate!  These days, what do you think the police would do with £50 cash that’s handed in?  Hmm… yeah, so do I.

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