Oh, I just had to laugh when I read the news this morning…

A man aged 69 is obviously finding it difficult to attract a younger partner.  He has decided that it would benefit him if he changed his age to 49 instead.  He argues that transgender people change their name legally and their sex, and so consequently there should be no problem about him legally altering his age.  He’s started to make enquiries about doing this.

I presume he’s tried (or trying) Internet dating without success, and wants to change his age on the application forms.  I can see trouble brewing here though when he has to submit a photo.  Does he send one from when he was 49, or a current one?  Okay you can alter your age on paper, but your body doesn’t magically turn back twenty years.  No, his face will stay at age 69.

Let’s imagine an unfortunate female gets in touch and wants to meet him.  No amount of moisturising cream is going to turn his face back to how it was twenty years before.  What is the lady going to think when he turns up on her doorstep?  She’ll instantly know he was lying through his false teeth about his age, and therefore would distrust him from the start.

He might be more successful if he advertises for somebody his own age instead, but hey, he’s had to live through his ex-wife’s menopause. She’s invisible now, but as far as he’s concerned, a younger version of her will keep him young-at-heart and virile…

But does the average thirty something want to meet a lying 69 year old?  He’s on a sticky wicket here!