Sam is a very practical down-to-earth guy, even more realistic than I am, and with everything in black and white…

As we were walking back through the gate to our holiday complex at the weekend after a stroll along the shoreline, we saw that a huge banner had appeared advertising the site’s new lodges.  With one of the lodges in the background, there at a table loaded with food on a pristine decking sat Mum, Dad, two children and two middle-agers, obviously the kids’ grandparents.  The sun shone, and all the family were smiling maniacally at the camera.

Sam took one look at it:

“You want to know the reality behind this?”

“Go on then.”  I replied.

“Well, the kids have had a lecture to sit still and shut up, but all they really want to do is leap up and run down to the beach.  The wife is pissed off because she’s been in the kitchen all morning preparing food when she wanted to be out on the decking with everyone else.  The old man wonders why her parents have had to come along again, and the grandparents can’t wait to get away from the noise of the kids and be on their own.”

Sam hadn’t spoken so many words for ages, and I looked at him in amazement and laughed.

“You’ve probably hit the nail on the head there!  Is anything really what it seems?”

“Nope.”  Sam shook his head.  “Nothing.”

So there you have it.  Sam’s a world-weary cynical old git, but I love him.