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Today by reading an item of news I learned a new word – ‘Freakshake’.  I’ve also just learned that it’s National Diabetes Day …

A Freakshake is apparently a milkshake containing any number of sweet additions such as ice cream, double cream, or chocolate etc.  This freakin’ outrage can contain the equivalent of 39 (yes, 39!) teaspoons of sugar and has a calorie count of 1200.  A certain restaurant chain in the UK sells this dubious ‘delight’.

To maintain her weight a woman needs to eat no more than 2000 calories per day, or 1500 if she wants to lose some pounds.  A man can eat up to 2500 calories per day.  So in effect a Freakshake has taken up more than half a woman’s daily calorie allowance and almost half a man’s.

Does this restaurant chain care that it is contributing to the spread of Type II diabetes, which is linked to obesity and is affecting one in every sixteen people in the UK?  No, all it cares about is money and making a profit from people who cannot control their weight.

The NHS is creaking at the seams with the self-inflicted ailments of diabetics.  The eye clinic where I work is overloaded with patients suffering from diabetic retinopathy and maculopathy.  When they’ve been seen in the eye clinic they then go elsewhere in the hospital to have their foot ulcers and amputated stumps dressed.   Of course, I do have sympathy for Type 1 diabetics who are born without the ability to produce Insulin, but I cannot understand why others might want to subject their body to a regular assault of Freakshakes and the like and expect to suffer no consequences.  The body can take the odd sweet treat, but too much sugar over a long period of time and the pancreas will eventually become exhausted and refuse to work.

In my opinion sugar should be listed as a Class B drug, and regulated by the Government.  It is highly addictive, and causes unpleasant withdrawal symptoms of headache, fatigue and muscle aches.  It builds sugar receptors in the brain, causing the sufferer to crave more sugar to banish the aforementioned withdrawal symptoms.  It also makes the blood acidic, causing calcium to be leached from the bones to neutralise the blood.  Sugar is hidden in many foodstuffs we consume, as manufacturers want us to enjoy the taste of their food and so add sugar to make us buy it again.  It’s all a question of money (as usual).

Excuse the rant and I’m not getting at those who enjoy a little slice of cake once in a while for example, but I work for the NHS and see first hand the effect of freakin’ Freakshakes/ too much sugar.