Check out Bryntin’s blog tour. It’s kind of unusual…


#BryntinsBLT; Big Loud Twit?

No, of course not really.

I’m not loud at all.

As per an introductory post for a spur of the moment idea and due to temporary physical erkiness, BLT stands not for a famous type of sandwich involving at least some pig and some other stuff but ‘Blog Leap Tour’.

Originally I called it #GBBT but there was a story to finding a need to change it (here).

I think #BryntinsBLT is better anyway.

So you’ve jumped back and read them?

No, of course not, probably wise.

Right, quick summary…

I choose a post ‘like’ avatar on my blog, go to visit their blog, read their latest post and link to that post here. Then I choose one of the ‘like’ avatars on their post – normally the sixth one because it fits all the six degrees of separation trope requirements – go to…

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