If we have the time on Saturday and Sunday mornings, Sam and I go out for a bike ride.  The route we take is about 4 miles, which is just about enough for me.  There’s one long hill to ride up (well, it’s Suffolk so it’s hardly mountainous) and then the rest is relatively flat.

It’s very good for the soul cycling around the Suffolk countryside early in the morning when nobody else is about.  I love being able to see the horizon, and from the top of our hill it’s a panoramic view.

On Sunday Sam cycled alongside and told me that when he was a boy  he and a friend used to dare each other to cycle home from school without ever touching the handlebars of their bikes.  I had a sudden mental image of the pair of them riding faster and faster to keep their balance, each one refusing to hold on to the handlebars until the other one did.  I asked him whether he could still do it, and he said he was an old boy now and he didn’t want to fall off.

However, we started a downhill run after the climb up, and off he went – hands at his sides and grinning like the 10 year old boy he once was.  It was quite a joy to see!  I tried but only wanted to lift my left hand up from the handlebars.  I suddenly thought of my now-healed cracked rib, and quickly held on with two hands again.

Can you ride a bike without touching the handlebars?  Sam says it’s a boy thing, but I wonder if any girls can do this?  I can’t, and I’m not going to try at my age!