Thanks to everybody who took part in Share Your Short Story this month and submitted their lovely stories.  There was a great turnout this month.  As hard as it was to choose, I’ve picked Jim Webster/Tallis Steelyard’s ‘A Token of Affection‘ as the winner this month.  Jim’s sense of humour appeals to my love of dry wit…

Congratulations Jim!  Please feel free to use this laurel on your page:


For the runner -up this month I’ve chosen Writing With an Open Heart’s story ‘Price of Beauty‘. This struck a chord with me as I’m rather scarred from previous surgeries, and agree that beauty goes deeper than what you can see on the outside.

Congratulations! Please feel free to use this laurel:


Please also check out these other great stories that were submitted:

William Schumpert:  From Whom the Bell Tolls

 Writer in a Hat:  Click and Scroll

 Phil Huston:  If it Itches…

Darlene Foster:  The Special Date

D.G Kaye:  When Hell Froze Over and Heaven Raged

Miriam Hurdle:  Gratitude for Being

Johanna Writes: Bloody Ever After

P.S Barbosa:  Twilight’s End

Anupama Venkatesh:  The End of the Road

Just Muddling Through Life:  The Greatest Love

For December’s ‘Share Your Short Story’, I’m looking for some Christmas poems please.  No limitation on word count – just feel free to write away!  The blog to add your poems is scheduled for tomorrow.  The deadline is 18th December and I’ll pick the winner on 20th December, as I’ll be a tad busy after that…

Don’t forget, I’m collecting enough winners’ stories to make an anthology which I’ll publish probably towards the middle/end of next year.  For all those who have won so far, do send me your permissions to publish to (put ‘Permission’ in the subject box).  So far I need permissions from the authors below:

Dawn Smith Gondeck:  

Mitch Lavender: 

Geoff Le Pard:

Frank Parker:

Phil Huston:  

Ann Richardson:

Phill Slater:

Kelly Artieri:

And of course, permission to publish from the latest winner, Jim Webster.