I’m not a tree-hugger as such and I don’t go around talking to plants, but when I saw this huge tree cut down in its prime just because it’s Christmas, I felt a little bit sad:



All its roots have been cut away and the bark shaved off so it can fit in a purpose-built hole in our churchyard.  Then it will be draped with festive lights that never go off until January 6th.  After that it will be cut up and discarded.

Er… this is not really ‘saving the planet’ is it?  Trees absorb our carbon dioxide and give out oxygen.  It’s not going to be doing much of that anymore, is it?

It was instilled in me by my parents to always appreciate trees; how they give us shade and make a habitat for wildlife, as well as absorbing our exhalations.  It’s my opinion that until people can all think as one regarding saving the planet, and not as individuals just concerned for their own ‘traditional’ Christmas, then millions more trees will be cut down, decorated with gaudy trash, and then chopped up!

Do a tree a favour this Christmas – let it grow and flourish in peace and buy an artificial one.

Peace be with you.