Thanks to Sally Cronin for featuring ‘A House Without Windows’, which by the way is only $0.99 until 8th December.

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Welcome to another selection of christmas gift ideas from the Cafe and Bookstore and some books that explore the darker side of human nature and social injustice. The first is the latest release from Yecheilyah Ysrayl – A novella – Even Salt Looks Like Sugar.

About the book

Wanda wants nothing more than to escape the oppressive upbringing of life with her abusive foster mother. Miss Cassaundra manipulates the system by bringing lost children into her home turned whorehouse and collecting the money. Wanda knows what it’s like to be abandoned and has no doubt Abby is Cassaundra’s next case. When an opportunity arises, that could save them both, Wanda must find a way to get the paperwork that will secure their freedom. But Cassaundra’s got eyes everywhere and no one can be trusted when even salt looks like sugar.

One of the reviews for the novella

Lisa T 4.0…

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