I was interested to read Karen Ingalls’ story, as I am a cancer survivor myself, and also my dear aunt succumbed to ovarian cancer back in 2012, the year when Karen wrote her story.

Although obviously initially traumatised at her diagnosis, it is Karen’s optimism and positive attitude which outshines her cancer in this book.  Only about 50% of patients survive the Stage II cancer that she had, but instead of the usual ‘why me?’ questions, Karen learns that acceptance of her condition is the beginning of the healing process.  Karen tells us that ‘cancer cannot invade the soul’, and she is right.  She had the good fortune, as I did (and still do), to have support from a loving husband and family.  She also found strength to carry on through her faith in God.

Ovarian cancer is sometimes called the ‘silent killer’ because for some there are next to no symptoms initially until the cancer has advanced.  Karen underwent radical surgery , just as I did, the effects of which are lifelong.  She also endured chemotherapy.  Cancer is not an easy foe to slay, but she is still here to tell her tale, just as I am.

The check-ups and scans are nail-biting. Every day we have to live with the possibility of the cancer returning, but in the meantime… life is for living!  It’s the only way to cope with such a debilitating disease.

5 stars for Karen Ingalls’ inspirational writing!

You can read an excerpt from Karen’s book below: