This week’s topic is:  ‘What is your fondest holiday memory?’

For me, it’s got to be the East End Christmas parties my family always had on the evening of every Christmas Day. The older generation of EastEnders, unfortunately all gone now, used to be notorious for their parties, and I was lucky enough to be part of a family that celebrated Christmas in style.

We would all gather at one relative or another’s house, probably about 20 -25 of my extended family members.  There would be food, drink, and dancing into the small hours.  We would stay there overnight, all giggling in sleeping bags.  Dad and his cousin would always stay up and play Chess when all the partygoers had gone to bed.   On Boxing Day morning everyone would help to prepare a big fried breakfast before going their separate ways.

Happy days; Mum being tossed over my uncle’s shoulder after one too many sherries, and Dad almost doing a striptease until his mother stopped him!  Ah, there was nothing like it.   That and so many other memories are all here in my memoir ‘Waiting in the Wings’.

I’m the older generation now, but I find the younger members are not interested in the old type EastEnd family parties – all they want to do is stare at their phones.  Not quite the same, is it?

Happy Christmas!

Let’s see what other blog-hoppers’ fondest memories are:

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