I felt a blog coming on when I read a news item today about a bestselling French author and film director, who is 50 years old.  This man told Marie Claire magazine that he could never love a woman aged 50 or over, because he prefers the bodies of younger women aged around 25.  He states that the body of a 25 year old woman is ‘extraordinary’, and the body of a 50 year old is ‘not extraordinary’ and regards them as invisible.

I looked him up on Google.  Rather unsurprisingly he does not seem to be married.  I assume that working in the film industry where the young and beautiful pout and prance about obviously seems to have warped his mind.

In my opinion this man’s statements say a lot about his personality.  It says that he views women as air-heads and sex objects or arm/eye candy to be used just for his personal gratification and then discarded when their youth has passed.  He obviously has no interest in probing the mature minds of middle-aged women who have gained much wisdom through life experiences.  He assumes that all women aged 50 or over are unattractive because they are post-menopausal or have let themselves go.

This also made me wonder… what do younger women think about middle-aged men of 50 and over?  Have 50 year old men let themselves go?  I would say that yes, some have, but others look after themselves and remain attractive.  You cannot tar every 50 year old with the same brush.

Would a 25 year old woman want to date an ordinary 50 year old man who is not a bestselling author and film director?  Yes of course, just as sometimes younger men want to date older women, because they see them not as bodies to be ogled, but people in their own right with opinions to be respected.

I like a lot of 50 year old men – just not him!  To me he is very unattractive, and I’m not just talking about his body here…