This got me thinking. Yes, we are cut off from the world without electricity if we do not have a mobile phone. I used to keep mine in the car just for emergencies, but my family tend to communicate via text messages and become irate if I do not answer!

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Diary of a writer Jaye Marie’s writing life

The good news this week is that the WIP is almost sorting itself out.

After weeks of deep thought and frustration, my muse has obviously returned, with her sleeves rolled up and determination written all over her face. Parts that were previously difficult to understand, have become clearer and easier to read. My mind seems to know what to do, so I’m not arguing!

Then, on the third day, the power went out. We had no hot water, electricity, Internet or heating. Zilch!

Instantly, we needed coffee, then toast. Looking at the blank computer screen was depressingly annoying. I had visions of us being discovered, emaciated and frozen stiff, huddled together fYou get the picture!

Somewhere in the house, we had a camping stove although I had no clue where. If we wanted coffee, I would have to find it.

The worst part was not knowing…

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