When my novels ‘A House Without Windows’ and ‘The Daughter-in-law Syndrome‘ won Indie awards a few years’ ago, I couldn’t wait to add the medals to the front covers.

But recently I realised one thing:  All the winning bestselling novels / traditionally published books only have meritorious awards on the front covers such as the Booker Prize or a mention in the New York Times bestsellers’ list for example.  A small publisher I used to be with also implied that it was not a good idea to add the kind of Indie awards I had won to my front covers.  I didn’t agree at first, but now I realise he was right.

Thanks to the Writer Beware website I’ve since found out that many of these Indie ‘awards’ are given by marketing companies very eager to take our money and fool us that we are taking part in bona fide writing contests.  There are always a myriad of genres to pick, so that if your book falls into more than one genre, you get to pay twice to enter the contest!  Some of the ‘winners’ are actually picked out of a hat.  The awards sadly mean nothing to agents, large publishers, editors and readers, and so it was with a little bit of disappointment that I decided yesterday to remove the awards and in so doing I have returned the covers to their original state.

Once you enter these kinds of contests, you are then spammed forever afterwards with emails inviting you to take part in the next ‘contest’, which surprise surprise is not that far away.

What I am now wondering is whether there are any genuine and reputable Indie writing contests where judges sit down and read the entries and then select the best one to the best of their ability?  It would be nice to try and win the kind of contest that actually means something!  What do you think?  Do you know of any?