I was pleased today to reach No.6 in the top 100 free downloads (thanks to the 854 who have downloaded ‘A House Without Windows’ so far) when I logged in to AmazonUK.  However, I thought I’d also write about what I saw when I checked my book’s progress on the top 50 free page – how many bare-chested muscly men are on the front covers!

Is this a new trend?  Out of the top 50 I could spy 17 bare and hairless macho torsos (do these blokes shave their chests then, or what?), rippling with muscles.  Another 4 muscle-bound hunks had a Bruce Willis-type white vest on.  So that’s nearly half of the covers yesterday on the front page of the free downloads that all showed more or less the same thing.

Of the top 50 paid downloads there were three hunks whose torsos were clothed in either a shirt or a shirt or jacket.  Two more were lifting up their vests to expose nipples and six-pack style rippling muscles, and one chap looked like he’d forgotten to do up his flies after having been greased in copious amounts of Vaseline (perhaps his fingers kept slipping on the zip?).

So… chaps… do these examples of male perfection cause you to look in the mirror and decide to visit the gym?  It’s a question that needs to be answered I think.  As far as I’m concerned, when I see young beautiful women on front covers dressed in impossibly high stilettos and not much else, all I can think of is how much trouble they’re going to have with their backs when they get to my age!

Another question…. Do you think I should I put a half-naked man on the front covers of my books?

Off to my grandson’s 4th birthday party now… I look forward to reading your answers later on.