This week’s topic is:  ‘Are humans better at creating or destroying?’

That’s an easy one to answer, because I would say that generally it depends on the individual human and how they have been raised.  Some children have had horrendous childhoods and feel worthless and unloved, or have even been brutalised by childhood abuse. These can become adults who are unhappy, quick to anger, and might go on to destroy the peace of anyone they come into contact with.  Some adults of course recover if they can find a loving partner or receive therapy or counselling to gain the insight to deal with their past, but others might not fare so well.  Of course I’m only speaking generally, but it’s usually a case where a child who does not feel loved or valued would then not care about anybody else and then as an adult might go on to commit serious crimes, or become addicted to drugs or alcohol (as their parents might have been) to try and blot out the past, which are all destructive traits.

On the other hand you have people that are relatively happy with their lot, and have been brought up by a parent or parents who love them and have devoted time to them.  If they had a special talent as a child, such as for playing a musical instrument, woodworking, or for painting or writing,  then they would have been encouraged and praised.  These people then go on to create loving families themselves, and by their example raise happy children with morals and who have been taught right from wrong.  The adults these children become would feel valued because they have received love, and so they can give love back a hundredfold.  Making contented children is the best creativity of all, because it eventually builds a peaceful and happy society.

So when I hear people say “I want a baby”, I think of the hard work they will have to do to mould and shape that little warm, cute bundle, which quickly grows with its own mind and ideas.  Taking external factors into account, a baby’s future adult mental health and whether it turns out creative or destructive depends about 90% on how its parents or a parent/guardian cares for it in the first 18 years of its life. The responsibility is enormous and must not be taken lightly, because society is far happier and more pleasantly disposed to creatives than destructives!

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