I ran an Amazon advertising campaign for ‘A House Without Windows’ for just one week from 1st – 8th February.  It’s the first time I’ve done something like this, and I wanted to see what happened.  I used the ‘Sponsored Products’ version, and had a daily budget of $5.  I found this type suited my budget rather than the ‘Lockscreen Ads’, because for this one you need a minimum budget of $100.

I’d already had 975 free downloads of the book in January, 2 paid sales and over 1000 pages read on KU, and so wanted to carry on the interest.  Over the duration of my campaign I had 1 sale and 3400 pages read for the princely sum of 15 cents!  The advert was displayed 20 times, and during that time I also had another 3 sales which weren’t anything to do with the advert,  and also 2x 5 star reviews!  These 3 sales and the reviews of course may have been the result of the free download campaign the previous month.  However, the combination of the usual sales after free downloads, Amazon marketing, and pages read pushed up the rankings at one time to 8,350.


Overall I was quite pleased with the result.  So much so that I’ve started up another campaign for ‘A Marriage of Convenience’.  Let’s see how this one pans out over a month.  Will let you know around the middle of March.

I’m off to visit the previous ironer of his shirts today, and so will answer any comments tomorrow. x