Thanks to Janet Gogerty at Times and Tides of a Beachwriter who nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award.  Below I’ve answered her questions, and nominated some bloggers who make me laugh with their posts and/or comments.  First of all …

Here’s what to do!

1- Give a big thank you to the person who nominated you so others can find them!

2-Answer the questions from the blogger who nominated you.

3-Nominate other bloggers and ask them your own set of questions!

4- Let the nominees know about the nomination in one of their posts (I’ve added their names in this one)!

5-List the rules and the Sunshine Award nomination on your own site.

6- Let the fun begin!

Janet’s questions and my answers are below:

  1. If money and responsibilities were no problem where would you like to live and write?

In a house by the sea on the Isle of Wight. I already have a caravan there, but a house would be even better!

  1. Many writers have pets draped over their keyboard or under their desk. If you could choose one creature to be your pet what would it be? You can opt for anything from a spider to an elephant.

None thanks. I’m not a pet person due to all the sneezing and itching that transpires whenever I’m near animals.

  1. If you were invited to talk about your book on television or the radio which programme would you like to appear on?

I hardly ever watch television programmes, only documentaries and films, and only ever listen to Radio 2 News I’m afraid. However, maybe The One Show would be a good one to appear on. It’s prime time evening viewing. I’ve watched it a few times and it isn’t too serious or highbrow.

  1. Which famous person would you be thrilled to have following your blog?

Stephen King.

  1. You have decided to go on an adventurous expedition to achieve fantastic sales for your book. Where would you go?

I’m not in the least bit adventurous. I think I’d have a book signing event in Foyle’s bookshop in London’s West End and hope for the best!

  1. Number five didn’t work so you must fake your own death to boost sales, what sort of demise would you choose?

An injection of Propofol, but not too much if death is not the end result. Good gear that; I’ve had 2 root canals/crowns done this way – a lovely sleep and no after effects!

  1. You have been invited to a garden party at Buckingham Palace. You are most excited because A. You will meet the Queen. B. A loved one accompanying you deserves a day out. C. You like cake. D. You like looking round other people’s gardens. E. It will make a good topic for your blog. F. Excellent research for you novel.

Meeting the Queen. I’ve been to Buckingham Palace before, but she was out.

  1. Research is hard work so you decide to use a time machine for your historical or futuristic novel. Which time will you travel to?

Victorian times. I’m always interested in that era.

  1. Number six went drastically wrong. Who did you leave your manuscripts and intellectual property to in your will?

The agent who was the most vociferous in their condemnation of them.  I always like the last laugh!

I’m going to nominate 3 guys and 3 girls whose blogs/comments make me laugh.  Here they are in alphabetical order:

Clive at ‘Take it Easy’

Sally Cronin

Debby Gies

Phil Huston

Tara Sparling

Jim Webster

Here’s my questions for them to answer:

Do you think there’s life on other planets?

What’s one advantage of growing older?

What would you do if faced with a tray of 12 chocolate doughnuts?

Have you ever stayed in a haunted house?

Could you survive on a windswept moor in mid-winter with only 3 things in your rucksack and no mobile phone signal? What 3 things would your rucksack contain?

Where would you like to do a book signing event?

Can you think of one word that describes your life?

What would you do with a million pound/dollar/euro jackpot win?

Can you dance the Tango?