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PDFelement: How Important is a Good PDF Editor to My Writing?

By Celine Liao of https://pdf.wondershare.com/

PDFs have been around for a long time now. Professionals and students frequently use PDFs on a daily basis to handle their documents. Non-professional users also have to use PDF files once in a while, just like we do when writing our own books. We also need to format them with illustrations and text.

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Sometimes I have to upload many manuscripts and mark many papers, or use references for my writing.  I not only want to read as well as edit and update in a specific case, but I also might want to put a security check on a document containing confidential information.  It’s then I realise how important it is to have a PDF editing tool.

There are several tools in the market to read, edit and manage a PDF file: Adobe Acrobat, NitroPro, and PDFelement. After I tested free trials of them, I would like to say that the PDFelement is better for me and my writing.

A very commonly known PDF editor is Adobe Acrobat. It is a very well-known tool in the market, but there are a few aspects that do not go with user comfort.

Though Adobe Acrobat offers you many features, it is very costly to keep it as it has a high monthly subscription. The other setback is that even if you only need Adobe Acrobat, you still have to purchase the complete package that includes other elements that are not required.

If you consider the cost effectiveness with available features, then you have a better option in the market while spending less.  Though the Acrobat is the creator of PDF format, now there is a better tool that edits PDFs in a far better and professional way.

The PDFelement is the a tool that offers you several state of the art facilities to edit, update, convert and/or secure documents with an economical price tag.

The crucial point is to know the needs that are to be addressed while editing, updating, converting and/or securing a PDF file.

It is a very handy and practical tool that allows you to do things such as:

Ø  Read, edit and save PDF files.

Ø  Add, replace, delete, move, resize and/or rotate any graphic content.

Ø  Create interactive forms and also cleverly recognizes the form fields.

Ø  Ease of securing the document with a password option.

Ø  Ease of converting PDF documents into Word, HTML, Text, and Image.

Ø  Can fetch specific data from single or multiple PDF documents and convert them into a Word or Excel file.

Ø  Batch processing documents with different features, such as water marking, bate numbers and data fetch.

Ø  Option of a digital signature for approving documents and other files.

Ø  Ease to insert page numbers, bate numbers, page elements and book markings.

Ø  Making text editable on images with OCR.

Ø  Can also run OCR in user defined fields on scanned documents and images.

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These above mentioned features have made the PDFelement a unique tool that helps the user almost in every aspect.

If you are looking to remove, resize, add and/or rotate your graphic content on email, presentation slides or any document, then it is possible with no hassle at all.

The form creating facility in PDFelement lets you create forms of any style and can also choose from different templates. It also recognizes the form fields automatically.

Now the user can secure its documents with confidential information or viewable to specific members by putting a password on the document.

A PDF file can be converted into many other file formats as Word, HTML, text and/or Image. You can also fetch specified information from single or multiple documents. It is now very easy to add a page number, and bate numbers for indexing and booking or marking PDF documents. This is very important for my writing and learning.

The latest OCR option is one state of the art feature with which you can extract text or make the text editable from any image scanned, or imported from any file.

PDFelement is a very easy to work tool that saves time and hassle. It has proved its professional approach for PDF annotation with very economical spending.

Now PDFelement has a discount of 50% OFF.  You can test it free for your laptop or download app to try if you like it.


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50% OFF: https://pdf.wondershare.com/promotion/pdfelement-on-sale.html?utm_source=blog&utm_medium=steviet3-peblq&utm_campaign=wspe

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