It’s not easy being a writer at all. Most of us need to find the time to write in-between working at our day jobs. Sometimes we can’t be bothered to write at all, but feel guilty that we should be churning out page after page of scintillating stories. I’m checking social media sites for only about an hour a day at the moment, as I’m having a rather nice time at my holiday home on the Isle of Wight. I’m letting it all slide this week …

Novelty Revisions

1. So many people talk about wanting to write that it seems both normal and easy to achieve.

2. Anyone — ANYONE — can publish a book, free of charge, right now.

3. We tell each other stories verbally all the time. Writing them down must be simple, right?

4. They’ve only seen mostly perfect, polished and published stories — never a rough draft.

5. Technically, everyone writes. They don’t think about how many years it takes to learn to write “well.”

6. Measuring writing progress/improvement is extremely difficult and, for many, not at all exciting.

7. They wrote a short story once and it was a breeze.

8. Their cousin’s friend’s sister’s aunt published a book on their first try!

9. Writing success stories always go right from “I’m going to write a book” to “I’m ready to publish a book!”

10. Technically, writing requires very few tools or…

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