On Sunday Sam drove the 200 miles back to Suffolk to go back to work, in-between moving furniture out to the garage, painting all the doorframes, and overseeing the plasterers’ work as they tackle our kitchen and dining room.  As I react very badly to gloss paint, I’m here at the van and enjoying every minute!  Fortunately the weather on the Island is amazing for February.  It was 18 degrees Centigrade yesterday, and the same is forecast today.

This morning I cycled up to the shop to get a newspaper.  This is no mean feat, as it’s all uphill.  I’m hoping my quads will improve while I’m here, as I’d love to cycle up hills without having to stop and wheeze like an old steam train.  After that I walked for an hour’s round trip down to Seagrove Bay (didn’t even attempt to cycle on this path, but  hope I can do it later in the year).  There are no hills in Suffolk, and so the old legs are just not used to them.

Most of the vans are empty, and it’s lovely and quiet here as the site hasn’t been open very long for the 2019 season.  I know I should sit at the computer and add a bit more to my latest manuscript, but it’s too tempting to veg out on the decking with a cup of tea and the newspaper that I nearly broke my quads for.

I’m here until Sunday; no work, and doing exactly what I like.  I have no car, but there’s a bus stop outside on the main road if I feel inclined.  I might take the bus into Ryde or I might not.  I might work on my latest novel, or I might not.  The Island has a soporific effect on me.  Life slows down and lots of sitting on the decking doing nothing has to be done.

I sent Sam a photo of the sun shining down on Seagrove Bay this morning (I don’t know how to get it off my phone otherwise I’d put it on here). Sam sent me a photo of a paint pot and a brush sitting on an old sheet on our dining room table.  Poor sod…