While chatting to D.G Kaye regarding street teams, I mentioned to her that street teams don’t usually work because nobody (apart from family) in their right mind would want to promote our books day in and day out if there was nothing in it for them.  She agreed, but this got me thinking.  What if there was something in it for everyone who promoted our books?

With this in mind I have a fledgling idea, but wonder how many other authors would want to take part in a new Facebook street team group?  I say authors instead of readers, because it’s usually authors who read my blogs.  Here’s the new FB link:


Depending on the number involved, each author would get a day’s promotion by the other authors who have joined up ( but no reviews, because this contravenes Amazon’s review policy).  Each member of the street team would promote the book and purchase links of whichever author’s turn it is on one of their social media sites.  They could promote on their website or blog, their Twitter and Facebook pages, Pinterest, LinkedIn or Instagram for instance.  It would probably help if different social media sites were used every time, to avoid spamming.  Authors would need to leave links in the Facebook comments as to where they’ve promoted the book.

As you can see by the link, I have now created a Facebook group for this, and would have specific days for promoting, so that authors don’t have to do this every day, just maybe three times a week.  Therefore 3 authors in the group would get their books promoted every week.  To make it fair I’d start off in alphabetical order.  Anybody who does not promote misses out on their turn until the next time their name comes around.

What do you think?  Is it a goer or a no-brainer?  Do you think it’s likely to fizzle out within a short time, or could those interested commit to promoting three times a week?