Wow, I’d like to thank all the people who came forward to answer 20 of my questions for my new ‘Understanding’ anthology, which is going to focus on significant life events.  So far I’ve had insight into depression, alcoholism, teenage pregnancy, sexual abuse, becoming a carer, a near death experience, coping with a hip replacement, chronic pain, being a harem boy, and caffeine addiction.  I’m now awaiting answers from people who have dealt with giving up smoking, a narcissistic parent, and bereavement.   I’m also going to add an article on coping with cancer.

I’m going to list all the authors/bloggers below, in order to seek permission to publish their answers on my blog and in the anthology.  I would prefer to publish the book on Amazon, and therefore it cannot be free.  I’m seeking advice on the price of the book and opinions on whether to give any royalties to charity, or whether to distribute royalties amongst the authors involved say once a year when money has had a chance to build up.

What do you think?

Abbie Johnson Taylor

Darlene Foster

Jaye Marie

Dorinda Duclos

Debby Gies

Pamela Jessen

Clive at Take it Easy

Lucy V. Hay

Beem Weeks

Bernard Foong