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Tallis Steelyard

interview with mtm

I mentioned some little time ago that I have an interesting account to how I came to be friends with Sneal the Peddler. Somebody has asked me about this story, I assume the rest just expect me to tell it in my own good time whether they ask me to or not.

To be fair, if fingers are to be pointed, or blame distributed, then Dame Ralash should take her fair share. Not of course that this will happen but still, I can but hope. You see it started when my lady wife, Shena, suggested that I might like to help out a friend of hers, Jinni; more formally known as Madam Sneal. Casually I asked, “An old friend?”

Shena, unusually, looked a little shifty. “Why do you ask dear?”

“I am trying to discover whether she was one of your fellow pupils at Dame Ralash’s school for ‘young maidens…

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