So there we were recently on a family walkabout around Anglesey Abbey near Cambridge.  Progress was slow due to the number of us taking part.  My son Marc and I found ourselves walking a bit faster as we chatted, and stopped at the end of a path to let the others catch up.

Idly looking around at the colourful shrubs and plants, my gaze fell upon a prickly white-stemmed clump of bramble about 3 feet tall, and the name of it was underneath on a little sign.

I read anything, even labels on sauce bottles at the dinner table.  I took another look at the name of the plant, broke out into a grin, and gave Marc a nudge.  Taking just one look at the name of the plant gave him the giggles, which became rather severe.  His laugh was infectious, and we were almost doubled up  when the others arrived.  Of course they wanted to know what we were laughing at.  I pointed to the name of the plant which some bright spark with a sense of humour had named for all time:

Rubus cockburnianus

I kid you not.  Go on… look it up on Google.  I had to just to make sure it wasn’t an early April Fool’s joke.  It isn’t.  Somebody in all seriousness has given this name to that poor old plant, who is just doing its plant thing and minding its own business.

The whole group of us were soon roaring with laughter to the amusement of the passers-by.  Well, you would laugh … wouldn’t you?