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It was thanks to a gentle nudge from one of the contributors to this anthology, Clive Pilcher, that I finally got around to finishing the anthology I started about 2 years’ ago.

Understanding is a collection of true life events undergone by 20 authors/bloggers (yes, Stevie is one of the 20 – my thanks to Miriam Hurdle for my questions) who were kind enough to write about their experiences by each answering 15 – 20 questions that I put to them.  Understanding may be able to help anybody going through similar life events, and it is available for pre-order on Amazon today.  It will be published on April 5th 2019.  All proceeds will be donated to Cancer Research (price of the book is $0.99 / £0.99).

My thanks go to Alienora Browning (sexual abuse), Sally Cronin (losing weight), Dorinda Duclos (a near death experience), Scarlett Flame (mother of many boys), Bernard Foong (a harem boy), Darlene Foster (bereavement), Janet Gogerty (getting married), Debbie Harris (a school trip tragedy), Lucy V Hay (teenage pregnancy), Miriam Hurdle (melanoma), Phil Huston (smoking and hypertension), Pamela Jessen (chronic pain and hip replacement), Joe (caffeine addiction), D. G Kaye (daughter of a narcissist), Lynda McKinney Lambert (a visitation from Spirit), Jaye Marie (giving up smoking), Clive Pilcher (depression), Abbie Johnson Taylor (becoming a carer), and Beem Weeks (alcoholism).