This week the topic is:

What is the one thing guaranteed to make you laugh?

There are several things actually, which I must include:

  • Dave Allen.  Anything he ever said was funny.  He is the ‘one thing’, but below are a list of several others
  • Kenny Everett, especially when he did the ‘Bee Gee Kit’.
  • Victoria Wood when she sang one of her witty songs (Let’s Do It springs to mind).
  • Les Dawson when he sang but purposely played the piano out of tune at the same time.
  • Billy Connolly when he starts ranting.
  • Any sayings/quotes by Stephen  Fry, Oscar Wilde, or Noel Coward.
  • My husband Sam’s ‘poetry’ (not for printing).
  • My eldest son, if ever we all go line dancing.
  • My youngest son if he starts giggling.

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