Great post from a fellow Londoner. Whenever I go up to Westminster and walk along the Embankment, I want to cry, especially when Big Ben chimes. The East End where I grew up has changed beyond belief. I don’t go back there very often, as I’d rather keep the memories of what used to be inside my head and pretend it’s still the same.


Until this year, I lived almost all of my life in one or other district of London, starting in Bermondsey and Rotherhithe, which were then working class districts of South-East London. Then there was a gap, when my Dad moved us to Bexley, which was then in Kent but is now a London Borough. I later moved back to Clapham, then to Wandsworth, when I married. Going up in the World, so we believed, we moved the short distance to Wimbledon, where I stayed until 1985, when I moved back to Rotherhithe, specifically the part known as Surrey Docks. This was no longer just a working class district, as the regeneration of Docklands had radically changed both the area, and the people that lived there. After many years there, I eventually found myself in Camden Town, the now fashionable area just North of London’s West End, where I stayed for…

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