I thought Sam had been caught by an  April Fool’s joke last week when he told me that he read how drones are now delivering parcels.

I had to check it out on Google, and it’s true.  UPS has teamed up with Matternet, who make autonomous drones.  They’re offering a same day service transporting medical samples from a hospital in North Carolina, who want to improve patient care and create healthier communities.  The drones can carry up to 5lbs in weight, and deliver within a radius of 12.5 miles.

I can see where this is all going.  Fast forward ten or so years, and the skies are going to be black with drones all zig-zagging every which way as they deliver their payloads.  We’ll have industrial drones humming over our heads, making us duck in case they drop bags of cement or suchlike.  Frightened birds will no longer twitter and fly about when the drones take over, but hey, profits have to be made and something has to give.

Just like computers and mobile phones mushroomed and took over the world, it’s only a matter of time before a legion of entrepreneurs jump onto the drone bandwagon to make a fast buck.

You’ve no idea how irritating a drone can be when it’s buzzing about over your head.  We had one flying low over our decking last year – I wanted to shoot the bloody thing down!

What do you think about drones?  Are they going to take over from the postal /parcel delivery systems?