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If you could write one new law, what would it be?

I’d make the UK dry, therefore any sale or manufacture of alcohol would be banned.  Draconian fines or even prison sentences would be put in place for anybody breaking the law.

I know it would never happen in real life, as the Government would lose too much revenue.  However, remembering the USA in the 1930s and prohibition,  I know there would soon be a proliferation of back garden distilleries mushrooming all over the country, which would make the law worthless.  But hey, I can dream can’t I?

But just imagine how much pleasanter the country would be if people didn’t try and break the law.  People older than 40 might be able to venture into town centres again at night. Accident and Emergency centres wouldn’t be filled with drunk, violent and vomiting people on Friday and Saturday nights.  Ambulance staff wouldn’t need to fear for their lives.  The NHS wouldn’t need to treat alcoholics, as there wouldn’t be any, so there might be more beds available.  Marriages might be saved, and there might be less homeless people on the streets.  People would be happy facing reality and not constantly trying to block it out.

It’s a kind of Utopia I suppose.  Will it ever happen?  Yes, if I became Prime Minister!  There would be several other laws I’d pass too, which would make me even more unpopular.  My term of office would be terribly short.

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