This post in my Friday Click & Run category gained my interest today, as since I’ve grown older I have come to love silence. It allows me to think uninterrupted thoughts, and also to de-stress. Whenever we visit our sons’ noisy households, Sam and I are always pleased to return to our lovely quiet house.

The Myth of Prometheus

[26 April 2019]

Two years ago, instead of giving up sweets or swearing or
social media for Lent, I decided to try something different. I decided to give
up any form of digital media that was only going to entertain me. In other
words, Game Boys and TV on my commute and headphones were out; movie nights and
dance parties were in.

Lent itself is a time of silence. It is a season without the
normal liturgical “alleluias.” In some churches, Lent is a time without
instrumentation or even, occasionally, music. In the space created by these absences,
we are better poised to consider the mystery of Christ and ourselves in
relation thereto.

My thought process, then, was something like this: Lent is (in
part) about giving something up in order to create space and cultivate
awareness for something else; therefore, what better way to get in the spirit

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