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Have you ever made yourself cry (over what you did to a character) while writing a book?

No, not to a character as such, but I did shed a few tears when I wrote my memoir ‘Waiting in the Wings’ while remembering past times spent with relatives who are no longer alive.

My aunt June was an amazing woman, not intelligent in the classic sense, but gifted with oodles of common sense, a happy nature, and a warm personality that endeared her to everybody she met.  I loved to stay at her house during some of the school holidays, and she would make my day exciting in a way that my own mother never seemed to.  We’d go to fairgrounds and ride on rollercoasters, make glitter pictures, swim in the garden pool, and there was a large dressing up box in the shed full of clothes and high heeled shoes for my cousins and myself to play with.

It’s awfully sad to wallow in the past, and I try not to do it.  However, it’s difficult not to do this when you’re writing a memoir!  There are advantages to growing older, but one of the downsides is that you start to lose all the older generation of relatives you grew up with, as one by one they age and wither away.  It happens to all of us, and we must each deal with loss as best we can.  However, I’m glad I wrote my memoir before I also age and wither away and become too old to remember it all!

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