Alabama’s State Senate approved a bill by 25 votes to 6 to outlaw abortions in almost all cases except where a mother’s life is at risk.

The senators who approved the bill were all men.  Surprise, surprise ….none of the 4 female senators backed the bill.

I felt quite angry when I read this on my BBC News app.  Why are these men interfering with women’s rights?  In my opinion a woman should be in control of her own body and have the right to terminate a pregnancy if she so wishes.  Men have no idea of the thoughts and feelings a woman might have towards an unwanted foetus growing in her body.  If men could give birth, how would they feel knowing there is an unwanted baby growing inside them, maybe due to rape, that they will have to curtail their career to bring up, and possibly also suffer financial hardship into the bargain?

Pregnancy takes a toll on a woman’s body, which will never be the same after she has carried a baby.  If that baby is wanted, then she will eagerly welcome the new arrival and carry the scars of pregnancy as a trophy.  If the baby is unwanted and she is not allowed a termination, then she will either feel desperate enough to go somewhere else and have an abortion anyway, or feel depressed and resentful towards the baby and possibly its father as well.  The baby might well be given up for adoption or taken into care, and therefore not have the best start in life.

Babies and toddlers can push parents to the limit.  I know because I had to listen to my eldest son’s continual screaming for the best part of 3 years.  I put up with it because he was wanted and loved.  What might happen to that baby if its mother felt only resentment towards it?  It doesn’t bear thinking about.  Have these men spent day after day looking after a screaming baby?  I think not.

Abortion should be seen as a fundamental human right.  A foetus is not capable of independent life.  If an unwanted pregnancy is allowed to progress to its natural end, then the resulting baby might not be loved by either parent at all, especially if it is the result of rape or incest.  These male senators are not thinking straight!  The female senators know what it’s all about and that’s why they’re not backing the ban.  Somebody ought to educate these men…