I’ve actually deleted my Facebook account and I’m enjoying the freedom!

Nicholas C. Rossis

Facebook has been under intense pressure lately. On one hand, both public and private bodies scrutinize its every move, worried about privacy issues and undemocratic material posted online. On the other, shareholders are troubled by dwindling membership. So, Facebook has been quietly making a number of changes, placing a renewed emphasis on building relationships and interactions.

The company’s most immediate concern is losing members. In response, it wants people to stay longer on its pages by only showing them posts which are of genuine interest to them. It measures that by measuring how engaged you are to each type of post which shows up on your timeline.

What does all this mean for you? Ari Meghlen has some tips for you.

1. The changes

There are two main areas of change: changes regarding Groups and changes regarding Pages and your organic reach. Specifically:

Group Changes

The main changes concern…

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