I’m definitely getting into this biking lark.  My first trip to High Lodge in Thetford Forest with a friend was a disaster, as I fell off my bike and cracked a rib.  The cycle trail also seemed extremely long, and I was rather sweaty at the end of it.

However, last Sunday morning Sam and I took our bikes to High Lodge with a rather different result.  It was early, lovely and sunny,  and there were not many about, as you can see.

High Lodge1

Cycling is getting a bit easier.  Okay, this trail is nice and flat, but last time it was still hard work and I also had to cycle the last half in pain with a cracked rib.  This time it was rather pleasant, cycling along the forest track with no cars whizzing past.  The trail is 5km, which seemed to fly past in no time at all.

After completing the trail we noticed the café there served quite delightful breakfasts, which we just had to sample.  As we finished eating, hordes of runners took off along the same track for a race.

I asked at the information centre about the other cycle trails there.  Apparently the next one up needs mountain bike skills, and so Sam and I decided that we’d stick to the track we like and maybe go around two or three times. After all, we’re 61 not 16!