Have you ever looked at your WordPress search terms?  I had a look on my ‘Stats’ page over the past year today, and amongst many others found the following search terms that readers had used:

I’m a 62 year old unattractive man

Ageism in the workplace 2017‘.

Milkman at Glastonbury

and ‘What is a soap boiler’s arse?

The first two people (or was it the same one?) had been led to my blog, and read the blogs I’d written on these subjects  ‘A Rather Unattractive Man‘ and ‘Ageism in the Workplace‘.  Presumably the first person was less satisfied with the search result than the second.  However, I can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t know what a soap boiler’s arse looks like!

This goes to show we authors must think of  titles suitable for our posts.  I hadn’t thought much about search terms before, but now I realise it’s quite important if we want our blogs to be found by the right readers.  Our posts are not only found by tags, but also by titles.

Readers had also searched for ‘Downsizing’, ‘Women’s Fiction Book Blogs’, ‘Blogs about Ageism’, ‘Tired all the Time’ and ‘The Good Old Days with Turner'(!).  Also I was quite happy to see my blog had came up in the search term ‘WordPress Blogs to Follow’.

One of my grandmother‘s sayings was ‘My mouth feels like a soap boiler’s arse turned inside out and whitewashed.’  I must have put this in a blog at some point, but the blog wasn’t actually pertaining to an actual soap boiler’s arse.