At last I’ve found a little creature that I can look after without experiencing sneezing, itching or my skin erupting in weals.

My son and his wife are currently on holiday, and we are in charge of Sheldon, their tortoise.  He’s a cute little thing, with black beady eyes.  His happy place seems to be under a spotlight that Sam’s rigged up so that he can get some heat.


Yes, we’ve been reading up on tortoises.  Every few days we put him in the bath for a wash.  He has a run in the garden if it’s sunny, and he only costs £1 a week to feed (a bowl of salad from the supermarket lasts for ages!).  He loves cucumber, and tiny bite marks appear on any cucumber chunks within a short space of time.

What a great pet!  Sam asked whether I’d like one, but I don’t think you can buy them these days.  My son was given Sheldon by somebody who didn’t want him anymore.  Does anybody know if you can buy tortoises?  I don’t think pet shops sell them.

I asked around at our country dancing class, but everyone agreed that you can’t buy them.  One lady, a bit older than me, remembered buying tortoises from the market for 2/6 back in the Sixties!  She said they tended to die during hibernation, but I’ve found out that they mustn’t hibernate with food inside them, as the food will rot inside their bodies and kill them.  I’m learning something new about tortoises every day…