Just gone midnight this morning and it started again – thump, thump, thump.  It sounded like the workmen were in; an excruciatingly loud noise that passes for music if you’re under the age of 25.

It had happened again on Friday night, but we had just returned from the festival at that time and were tired and managed to sleep despite the noise.  However, last night it woke us up and sleep was impossible – the ‘music’ sounded even louder.  After about an hour of it I realised I was living the nightmare that Leigh and Eve Chandler experienced in The Noise Effect.  As I became angrier, my heart began to beat faster than the thumping bass.

Sam was all for getting dressed, seeking out the inconsiderate culprit, and flicking the circuit breaker switch on the outside of their van.  I dissuaded him from this reckless idea, as who knows how many young, fit blokes might have been inside?

I turned on my mobile phone and dialled the number for the park’s security team.  A deep voice answered straight away, and I explained the problem.  There was a laugh at the other end.  The man replied that several other holidaymakers had complained too, and Security had checked around the site that night and the night before, but found out that the loud bass/drum ‘music’ was coming from the festival.

I nearly dropped the phone in surprise.  Newport is in the centre of the Island and our van is over on the east side, about 12 miles away.  This made me wonder whether the noise could be heard all over the Island!

So what becomes of the young people’s eardrums inside the Big Top who are standing right next to the speakers?  Of course they’re young and they don’t worry about the future where they might find themselves hard of hearing.  However, it should be the responsibility of the D.J to keep the sound levels within reasonable safety margins.  We’ve been to many festivals at Seaclose Park, but have never heard any noise from them on returning to base.  What about people living in Newport who were trying to sleep?  On both nights the ‘music’ had not finished until about 1.30am.

It’s the last day of the festival today.  We haven’t got tickets, and are hoping the ‘music’ finishes a little earlier!  I wouldn’t have minded so much if it had been rock music, blues or reggae, but that drum/bass crap just winds me  up and makes me angry!