All the love she ever gave. Every secret she never told.

Catherine was the love of Sean’s life. But now she is gone. All that’s left is a box full of envelopes, each containing a snapshot and a cassette tape.

Through a series of recordings, Catherine shares their long love story, but will Sean recognise the story she tells? Catherine’s words have been chosen with love, but are painfully honest—and sometimes simply painful. She reveals every unspoken thought and every secret she kept from her husband—revelations that will shake everything Sean thought he knew about their life together.

But as disconcerting as the tapes turn out to be, Sean prays that they will ultimately confirm the one thing he never dared question. Does destiny exist? And were his and Catherine’s love and life together always meant to be?


First of all I was surprised this book was written by a man.  Nick Alexander’s main character Sean is grieving for the loss of his wife Catherine from cancer, who recorded several cassettes for Sean during her last days.  Mr Alexander has grasped the feminine POV very well, which is evident in the cassettes’ contents.  Sean learns secrets from Catherine that he had no idea about, and now has to deal with the aftermath of what he has learned.  Will he be able to forgive his wife for what she has done in the past?

It’s a good plot for a story, and I enjoyed the book enough to keep turning the pages.  However, I have a little quibble in the fact that the tenses/first person/third person jumped about a bit and to me didn’t quite gel.  Also, Sean and Catherine had been married for 30 years, and to me it seemed as though they didn’t really know much about each other at all, or about communicating their fears and feelings.

I have given this book 4 stars, as it did appeal to me but it also surprised me that a male author can write such a touching story about relationships!