This week’s topic is:

‘How do you select the names of your characters?’

I must admit I only like traditional names, and so as soon as I read a blurb about a character with a strange or outlandish name, then I’m afraid I tend to skip that book and move on to another one.  Funnily enough I find that books with strangely-named characters are usually in fantasy novels, a genre that I have tried to get on with but unfortunately cannot.

When I write, I prefer a character to have a short name, so that I don’t have to keep on typing out a long one.  For example, I chose Amy and Beth (A House Without Windows),  Erin and Alan (A Rather Unusual Romance),  and Judy, Roger, Edie and Roz are some of the characters from The Pilates Class.’

I type clinic letters daily and always look at people’s names.  Sometimes I imagine what they might look like based on their name.  With some names I have no idea whether they are male or female unless I look at the patient’s other details or listen to the dictation.  I type around 50 letters every day, and if I see a nice Christian name then I’ll remember it and maybe use it in a story.

Some of my characters have names that I remember from my schooldays.  Others have my favourite names, or the same Christian names as workmates or friends.  I also Google traditional names and see which ones I like.  It’s nice to have a long list of names to choose from and build a character around.

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