Last weekend Sam’s sisters and their families came to our van for a BBQ. We sat on the decking and chatted whilst the men cooked sausages and burgers.  One of his sisters, Marie, is 69, and the other one, Mel, is 65.  Marie had plenty to say on the subject of ageing, which I’m not sure was all correct.  I’ll give some background info and also her words below, and then my opinion.  I’d be grateful for your comments.

Marie is retired and gets up in the morning between 9am – 10am.  She and her husband often drive around visiting places in their motorhome.  They walk a little bit, but don’t do much physical exercise.  She told me that I’d notice the difference in the things I couldn’t do anymore by the time I got to 65 (I’m 61 currently).  Marie hurt her hip joint just by putting one ankle up onto her other knee to put on a sock.

I counteracted this statement by saying that surely if somebody takes up regular exercise such as cycling, swimming and walking, then their musculature would not deteriorate too much, or at least deteriorate more slowy?  I find that now I cycle on a regular basis, then it’s not so difficult to walk downhill for any length of time (I was finding this difficult before I started cycling).  Marie shook her head and said it didn’t matter how much exercise you did.  Mel agreed with her sister (she and her husband have electric bikes).

In my opinion neither of them do enough exercise to keep their muscles in good condition.  If you sit all day, then your muscles will deteriorate rapidly.  Can the loss of mobility that comes with ageing be put off for a few more years if you ‘get on your bike’ and don’t take the easy option?

What do you think?