They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, but what happens when people can’t see them?

I have the early stages of dry age-related macular degeneration, which may or may not have been accelerated by much radiotherapy to my neck.  At the moment there is no cure for it.  Injections of Eylea, Lucentis or Avastin can be applied to aid patients suffering with the wet age-related version, but dry AMD has to be lived with and endured.

If I go outside I immediately see a bright ring of glare in my left eye, which goes away if I wear sunglasses.  I’ve found the best sunglasses that help me are the kind where people cannot see my eyes, as shown in the picture below taken on our family picnic last weekend.


The sunglasses are attached magnetically to the frame, and can be removed when inside the house.  My 4 year old grandson always tries to take them off, and if he succeeds, the older grandchildren always remark how different I look without them.  If I’m out walking around the village, I’m aware that people cannot see my eyes if they talk to me, and I try to take them off.  However, being outside without them causes me much difficulty and makes me squint.

I’ve come to realise it’s important for people to see your eyes when they’re communicating with you.  It’s got to the point where I’m embarrassed to wear them if I’m talking to somebody outside of my immediate family.  My sons and their wives know my eyesight problems and I don’t have to pretend around them, but it’s a different case if anybody else is involved.

Even if the sun is not shining I still cannot take them off outside.  My eyes are otherwise fine, if sometimes a little watery and sore.  Glad to say there’s nothing sinister going on in there, but boy oh boy, do I need my sunglasses!

If you’re talking to somebody wearing these type of sunglasses, would you prefer to see their eyes, or am I getting a little paranoid?