It’s the penultimate day of Wimbledon today, and I haven’t watched so much TV for a long time!  I love a good tennis match, and tomorrow I’ll hopefully get to watch the last minutes of the men’s singles final from the van.   I’ve composed a poem in honour of my favourite sport:


© Stevie Turner 2019

They seek the winner’s golden cup

But the competition’s tough.

Serve and volley,

Smash and lob.

Fifteen love.


Serve and volley

Backhand pass

Was it out?

Challenge with a shout.

Have to heed the referee’s call.

Fifteen all.


Serve but no volley

An ace down the line,

Spectators clap.

Serve and volley

A puff of chalk seen.

Thirty fifteen.


Serve and volley

Drop it over the net,

Run to save the set.

Backhand slice,

Very nice.

Bat that ball!

Thirty all.


Serve and volley

Start a rally

Fifteen strokes from the baselines.

Accurate passing shot.

Opponent too sporty.

Thirty forty.


Serve and volley,


Dodgy knee joint.

Championship point.

Spectators ooh and ah.

Serve and volley

Lob and run

Smash it home.

Match is won.