This week on Sunday Stills the topic is ‘Creatures & Critters‘.  I thought I’d add a photo of my son’s tortoise,  Sheldon, which I took when we looked after him in May while our son and his wife went on holiday.  Sheldon had the most voracious appetite, especially where tomatoes and cucumber were concerned!  I loved his little black eyes.  My son makes me laugh – he says he loves Sheldon’s tiny nostrils!

The second photo is of a blackbird that has been following Sam around every evening as he digs over our flowerbeds.  The bird waits until Sam stops for a drink, then hops onto the freshly dug earth and collects as many worms as he can before Sam starts digging again.  Sam and the bird are now best buddies, and Sam lets the bird know when it’s his turn to hop onto the earth by stepping back!  Back garden or front, every evening the bird finds Sam and stands patiently waiting…

See you all again on Thursday.  Apart from a post that’s scheduled for Monday, I’m having a few days off as I’m going to the van with an old friend.  Looking forward to sitting on the decking and getting away from the computer!