Enjoyed this story by BeetleyPete – it has a rather surprising ending!


This is a work of fiction, a short story just less than 1700 words. It is my first one of 2016.

Naveen rose early that morning. She showered carefully, then spent some time on her hair. Even though nobody outside the house would see it, she wanted it to look nice under her hijab. She chose a formal outfit to wear. Attending a private exhibition called for darker colours than usual, in her opinion.

Over breakfast, her mum beamed at her attractive daughter. She so loved her girl, and the fact that she was studying to become a pharmacist was a constant source of pride to her. Something to talk about to the other ladies at the community club, or when gathered outside of the mosque. “Tell me again, where is it you are going?”, she asked Naveen. Although she had told her many times before, she smiled as she…

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