Last Saturday evening I watched a strange film, directed by Danny Boyle.  ‘Yesterday’ stars Himesh Patel, who plays Jack, a struggling singer/songwriter.  Nobody is interested in his songs, and Jack decides to give up performing and carry on with his job as a warehouseman.

The strange bit comes next.  Without giving away too many spoilers, a couple of things happen which causes Jack to realise that nobody has ever heard of The Beatles or their songs.  He soon realises that if he passes the Beatles’ songs off as his own, then fame and fortune would be his to enjoy.

Does he get to enjoy fame and subsequent fortune, or does he feel guilty that he’s living a lie?  Does he get the girl in the end who he’s known since he was 7?  You will have to watch the film to find out.

At first I thought it was all a dream, but then I changed my mind.  It’s fantasy, pure and simple, but quite entertaining fantasy mixed with a little romance, and of course those wonderful Beatles’ songs run through the whole film.  It’s one of those feelgood films that leave you quite sad when it ends.

I don’t know who thought up this story!  The plot is not really believable, but I enjoyed it anyway.