This week on Streets Ahead we’re promoting  Robbie Cheadle and Kim Blades’ new collection of poems ‘Open a New Door‘.  Anyone can join Streets ahead, just as long as they are prepared to share the current book promotion on at least one of their social media sites.  Anybody not sharing unfortunately will not get their own book promoted.

Open a New Door is a poetic peep into the lives of the poets, Kim Blades and Robbie Cheadle, both of whom live in South Africa.

The book is divided into four categories: God bless Africa, God bless my family and friends, God bless me and God bless corporates and work. Each part is sub-divided into the good, the bad and the ugly of the two poets’ experiences, presented in rhyming verse, free-style, haiku and tanka, in each of these categories and include colourful depictions of their thoughts and emotions.


5 star review by Miriam Hurdle:

Open a New Door by Robbie Cheadle and Kim Blades is a poetry collection with themes on the nature and life in Africa, the poets’ families and friends, their personal lives and the cooperate world. In each theme, the poets explored the good, the bad and the ugly. At the end of each poem, a short narrative gave the background or situation under which the poems were written. The poems are modern, free verse with rhymes and no rhymes. Each poem is easy to read in the length or one or two pages.

In Life in Africa, Robbie Cheadle showed her compassion toward the poverty of African people young and old. In Poets’ Families, Robbie shared her joy of having a son with an amazing mind and her worry about another son’s physical disease. In Poets’ Personal Lives, Kim expresses her emotion about her husband leaving her and her loneliness.

This poetry collection covers a wide range of personal experiences, observations and emotions. Many people could relate to them.