This week the topic is:

“What does literary success look like to you?”

To me it looks like Stephen King, J.K Rowling, and E.L James to name but three!  They’ve made a success of their literary careers, and can live off the money they earn from book sales and film rights.

Hey ho,  but for those in the higher echelons of success there are also millions striving for the same success currently having to be satisfied with selling the odd book or two.  For us lowly mortals it’s a success to sell one or two books per week, so success is all relative to where you are in the pecking order.

Would those three at the top of the pile feel they are not as successful if their book sales start to dwindle to thousands rather than hundreds of thousands/millions?  I would be in seventh heaven if I sold thousands of books, but maybe Mr King et al would start to panic at the sudden downturn in sales?

Sam and I have other work that puts food on the table and pays the bills, but it’s always a little thrill if I see even one of my books has sold.  We can’t all be at the top of the pile, but it isn’t so terrible languishing lower down – it’s just a case of suck it up and accept it!

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