This week’s topic is:

Why would you, as an author/reader, abandon (stop reading) someone else’s book?

Yes, I have abandoned books in the past.  I have an ‘Abandoned‘ shelf on Goodreads, but some authors objected to me adding their books and asked me to remove them.  The 5 books I have on there at the moment I tried to read so long ago that I’ve forgotten why I stopped reading them.  However, I can tell you what the probable reasons were, which I’ll list below (in no particular order).

  1. Poor spelling / grammar:  This tells me the author hasn’t made much effort to produce a reasonable story.
  2. A book that’s written in too young a style:  This is fine for children, but not for me.
  3. Boring:  Sorry, but if I start skipping over pages because it’s going nowhere, then I’ll probably end up abandoning it.
  4. It’s in a genre I can’t get on with:  This includes Fantasy (the worst one for me unfortunately), cosy mysteries, Sci-fi, horror and erotica.
  5. It’s too long:  I prefer shorter novels up to about 70 – 80,000 words.
  6. Too many characters:  I’m an old lady now and get confused!
  7. Characters with names that nobody’s ever heard of:  I’ll look at the blurb, and if the names are outlandish, then my heart sinks…
  8. A picture with a half naked unshaven man on the cover, or a cover with a woman pouting and wearing very skimpy clothing.
  9. Lots of plot holes:  Again, the author hasn’t made much effort to fill them in.
  10. Too many conversations in local dialect:  Can’t understand it if I’m not local to that area.

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