A new type of scam was mentioned on the BBC News recently.  If anybody has managed to gain access to your bank account, they order something expensive and have it delivered to you.  A courier then arrives and tells you that he has delivered it to the wrong person.  You of course have no idea your bank account has been hacked and you know you didn’t order whatever was delivered, and so you hand it over quite happily.  The thief has then managed to buy something using your account, and then makes off with his  ill-gotten gains.

Bank staff are struggling to know what signs to look for.

Wasn’t it all much simpler when we just had a cheque book?  We went to the bank to pay in or draw out money.  We sent a cheque off to pay for services rendered, and our money stayed where it was supposed to until somebody cashed one of the cheques we had posted.  Now hardly anybody will take a cheque and they are being phased out I think.  We give our bank details to companies online, not really knowing if anybody else will have access to them.  Hidden cameras can be installed by thieves at cash machines to clone our bank accounts, and these scams are becoming ever more sophisticated.

My grandmother kept all her money in a box up her chimney.  If she wanted to light a fire she took it out, and then put it back in when the grate had cooled down. My other grandmother ran a family savings club, and collected cash from family members, hid it under her floorboards along with her own money, and then paid us all out with interest at Christmas.  Neither of my grandmothers ever had money stolen from them or were victims of scams.

Hmm… perhaps there’s a moral there somewhere?